Prospects for the development of Chinese woodworking tools

China’s woodworking tools market is rare, and it can be called a “global” market. Don’t say that woodworking tools have a small reputation in the industry, and there are certain scales that have been set up in China to set up offices or agents for sales. Even companies with only 30 or 30 employees sell small German woodworking tools to Chinese people everywhere. It is in the market from Germany, Japan, the United States and other countries. Woodworking tools products. “China’s hard alloy woodworking tool market, the industry concentration is not high, the threshold is mainly because the woodworking tool industry itself is not high, many small enterprises set up several lathes to start production, and in the whole industry, once the low-end market products are supplied, It also objectively accelerated the diversification of the industry.

According to reports, the industry situation has changed this year, and many low-end companies have begun to become a bad day. But in general, woodworking tools are consumables. Even if there is no new tooling line that requires new tools, it is also the old machine tool. The biggest feature of this year is the large-area consumption of inventory.

China’s woodworking tool industry continues to grow rapidly and lags behind rapid development. Enterprises are keenly aware that the high growth rate of gold in the domestic tool industry is not high. Many of them are at the expense of the environment, based on cheap labor, and the production is inferior. Product profit.

In recent years, technological developments in China’s high-end manufacturing sector have brought new demands to the tool. For example, the characteristics of CNC woodworking machinery tools must have the advantages of high efficiency, high stability and specialization. With the continuous development of the furniture and woodworking machinery industry, new requirements, from a technical point of view, there are heavy and complex, specialized , standardization, high speed, diversification trend. In the manufacture of furniture, with the wide application of materials that are difficult to process with wood-based panels and composite materials, how to choose the correct and rational use of woodworking tools for high-quality cutting has become a very important topic in the industry.

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