Automatic Router Lift with Touch-Screen Controls

Automatic Router Lift with Touch-Screen Controls

1. This router lift takes table-mounted router height adjustments to the next level.


2. Make all your precise adjustments at the touch of a button. 


3. Specific height settings can be keyed in and saved for repeatable cuts, or jog up/down to the desired cut height to match a pattern piece.


Automatic Router Lift: What & Why is It?

What is Automatic Router Lift?

An Automatic Router Lift is a motorized device that allows woodworkers to easily and precisely adjust the height of a router in their router table. It eliminates the need to manually adjust the router bit height, which can be time-consuming and imprecise. With an automatic router lift, woodworkers can make accurate and repeatable height adjustments with ease, saving time and improving the quality of their work.


How does Automatic Router Lift work?

An Automatic Router Lift is typically mounted beneath a router table and consists of a motorized carriage system that is connected to the router. The user can then adjust the height of the bit using a remote control or a touch-screen on the lift mechanism. When the user presses the up or down button, the motorized carriage raises or lowers the router. This allows for precise and repeatable height adjustments without the need for manual adjustments using wrenches or other tools. Some automatic router lifts also feature digital readouts or other indicators to provide the user with accurate height measurements.

Automatic Router Lift: Applications

Automatic router lifts are commonly used in woodworking applications where precise and repeatable adjustments to the router bit height are required. They are ideal for tasks such as making multiple passes with different bits, creating precise joinery, or working with intricate designs requiring frequent bit height changes. In addition, automatic router lifts can improve productivity by reducing downtime spent manually adjusting the router, enabling woodworkers to spend more time focused on their craft. These lifts are useful for both hobbyists and professional woodworkers who demand accurate, high-quality work.


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