Professional woodworking wet sharpener

1, Motor:  230V~/50Hz, 160W; /120V 1.2A
2, No-load speed: 90~150/min
3, When grinding on a water cooled grindstone, the stone runs   in a bath of water. The stone carries the water continuously to the grinding surface, thus cooling it and eliminating the risk of overheating.
4, Storage drawer. Some jigs and tools can put in(optional accessory)
5, support bar & auxiliary support bars. They can be inserted into the vertical or horizontal supports easily.
6, Big handle. Carry machine available.
7, Rubber foot. Ensure the machine stand smoothly and safely.
8, Honing wheel and Leather grinding wheel. Let the grinded edge get a shaver sharp.
9, Can grind most of the edge tools. Tools for cabinet making, tools for woodcarving, knife, scissors, etc.
10, Stainless Steel Shaft for grinding Stone


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Post time: Apr-11-2019
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