Stapulae gun 10A

  • Brand: OEM / ODM
  • Product originem: Sinis
  • Delivery tempore: 25-35 diebus
  • Details sarcina: color buxum, fingunt casu ictu, sive nativus
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    item Name Stapulae gun
    Item No. 10A
    Brand OEM / ODM
    Product Origin  Sina
    Tempus adferendi 25-35 diebus
    Details package Color buxum, duplici card aut Deteret invalidos customized
    Product Characteres Structure uti nova pro tempore vitae
    plastic housig
    Drawer typ magazine
    Pondus uti facile
    Ieiunium et simplex loading
    stipare Color buxum (card duplex pustula, aut amet, casus ictu fingunt)

    DSC_1011-1 DSC_1007-1 10A-1 2017-11-03_134020 DSC_1004-1 IMG_20171101_152423
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    Stapulae gun 10A

    We have exported to the USA, Spain, Australia, Poland, Iran, Russia, England, France, Italy and India and so on. Our quality is good, so we have also cooperated with top famous tool companies in the world.

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