Single hand nut riveter 603

  • Brand: OEM / ODM
  • Product originem: Sinis
  • Delivery tempore: 25-35 diebus
  • Details sarcina: color buxum, fingunt casu ictu, sive nativus
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    item Name Nut singula manu Riveter
    Item No. 603
    Brand OEM / ODM
    Product Origin  Sina
    Tempus adferendi 25-35 diebus
    Details package Color buxum, duplici card pustula, aut casus ictu fingunt customized
    Technical Description  Pondus: 500g
    Altiore longitudo: 200mm / 8inch
    Max opus plaga: VII mm
    Max operationem plaga, 5-6 mm
    Max multa vi brachium Domini: XXVII 
    Max magnitudinem riveting nut: M6
    Product Characteres Innovation structuram patented
    Delicata figura, ergonomic manus
    Inpulsa probationem consilio, salutem nobis tribue benignus et brachium eius operatio vibratione
    Facilis minima magnitudine portare.
    stipare Color buxum (card duplex pustula, aut amet, casus ictu fingunt)
    color buxum 3.5 x 21.5 x 13.5 cm
    quantitas 20pcs
    Magister carton XXXVII XXIV * * 29.5CM 
    VULA / Magis Eurus quam Aquilo XVI / 13.7 KGS
    De re metrica M3 M4 M5 M6
    CULTUM quod Amplitudo NOTIS Availability
    formula Unciæ 6-32 8-32 10-24 I / 4-20
    CULTUM quod Amplitudo NOTIS Availability

    Nut singula manu Riveter DCIII

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  • Factory Equipment


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