Woodworking Router Plate

  • Brand: OEM / ODM
  • Product originem: Sinis
  • Delivery tempore: 25-35 diebus
  • Details sarcina: color buxum, fingunt casu ictu, sive nativus
  • Email: cherry@chqtools.com
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     Woodworking iter itineris Text 1056

    item Name iter itineris Text
    Item No. 1056
    Brand OEM / ODM
    Product Origin  Sina
    Tempus adferendi 35-45 diebus
    Details package color buxum, Carton Box
    Technical Description  pondus 1.3 kg
    Altiore longitudinem (WxHxD) 11-3/4 'x 9-1/4 "x3 / VIII" Alumnium (298.5X235X9.5mm)
    Accedunt partes installation: 1-3 / VIII "insert annulum, Aluminium et Center Orbis 1/2" Mandril 
    Comprehendo: (I) II "Anulum insert: (I) Orbis convellunt, (X) Level stupra, (I) Rex conuellunt
    CNC Machining (VI)LXI premium pro aluminium anodized Ferreus 
    Product Characteres 1. 3/8 "-thick laminam plana superficies compresso-fingitur phenolic laminam praebet, quod non dicent
    2. 9-1/4 'x 11-3/4 "iter itineris magna mole facile accommodat
    3. Predrilled pressius ad montem iter itineris per aliquot in communi-III PC-stilo exemplar foraminis
    4.Includes amotibiles, et æs incipiens Level pin-Loc clavis et instructiones detailed
    5. Re reducing Level-annulos praebent aperire aliquantulus trium magnitudinum of2 "1-3/8" 
    stipare currus arca archa 
    color buxum 32x26x8 CM
    quantitas X quam at pede
    Magister carton 42X33X54CM 
    VULA / Magis Eurus quam Aquilo XIV / XVI KGS

    We have exported to the USA, Spain, Australia, Poland, Iran, Russia, England, France, Italy and India and so on. Our quality is good, so we have also cooperated with top famous tool companies in the world.

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  • Factory Equipment


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    We started to produce woodworking tools in 2016, and also have our own professional engineers. Our products are exported to the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom and so on. We also have cooperated with the top famous woodworking tools companies in the world.


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